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*PAIR* NTKK "Snakebelly" Old School BMX Tires - Blue

20 x 1.75, Skinwall


1 PAIR NTKK (Panaracer) "Snakebelly" Old School BMX Tire

Remade by NTKK, the original maker of the "Snakebelly" tire. NTKK made special "Snakebelly" tires for Cycle Pro and Mongoose. Redline used this model on some of their bikes.

When you buy a quantity of 1, you get TWO TIRES

● Size 20 x 1.75 x 2

● Steel bead

● Made In Japan

Rims NOT included

Note that unlike the 20 x 2.125 tire the text (e.g "Made In Japan") is pressed into the skinwall

52.95 USD
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