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Araya 7x Old School BMX Rims 24 x 1.75 x 36H (PAIR)



The Araya 7X is back. (Yes real ones not fakes)

● These will be available in late August - mid Sept

Reproduced by Araya with modifications:

● Made in Araya's Indonesia factory, not in the Japan factory

● Only available in PAIRS (quantity of 1 means you get a pair)

● Each rim is stamped with "ARAYA" and ths size E.g "24X1.75"

● 24x1.75

● Single wall as per original

● Pinned joint (not welded like original)

● In silver

● 36 hole

PLEASE NOTE: These rims are for enthusiasts of old school BMX and should NOT be used on a modern BMX race track.

They do NOT come in chrome or any other colours other than black or silver

64.95 USD
  • Out of stock
  • Expected availability: 2017.09.15